We are excited to share some news with you.

A few months back Canary was bought by TrueMotion, a company committed to measuring and improving true driving behavior to make roads safer and insurance more affordable. Since then, we’ve been working together, using your feedback, to build a whole new app.

Available now, TrueMotion Family is a free driving app for families just like yours. And you get the app starting today!

Here’s what you’ll love about TrueMotion Family:

  • location sharing so you can know where your child is driving;

  • a driving report card - grading from 0-100 each time your child gets behind the wheel;

  • a distraction score to show if your child used their cell phone while driving;

  • 24/7 roadside assistance to call for help in case of trouble.


Note: TrueMotion Family will replace Canary on August 31, 2016. After that date, Canary will no longer offer support. We encourage you to go ahead and get the app now - for iOS, and Android.

Thank you,
The Canary Team